Next generation Keg-Growler designed to keep your favourite craft beer (or other beverages) cold, fresh and carbonated longer


Bring the taproom experience anywhere and pour yourself a fresh pint on demand!


No more flat skunky beers! Keeps beer carbonated and fresh for more than 2 weeks!


Enjoy cold beers anywhere, anytime without the need for clunky ice buckets and cooler boxes!


KROWLER compresses the typical keg setup (keg + CO2 tank + regulator + tap) into an easy to carry keg-growler for your craft beer needs!

CO2 Pressurised Growler with Mini Regulator

Purge oxygen from the growler easily and pressurise with CO2 to prevent stale and flat beers!

Professional Draft Beer Tap

Pour yourself a pint anytime, anywhere and keep the rest stored fresh and cool for later.

Innovative valves allow the tap and regulator to be detached without losing pressure for easy transport or storage in the fridge!

Keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours!

Kitchen-grade 18/8 Stainless Steel Growler

Durable BPA-free vessel to keep your favourite craft beers or home brews fresh tasting and skunk free!

Easy to Fill and Clean

Wide-mouth for easy filling and cleaning. Breaks down into easy-to-wash parts to keep things clean and ready for your next fill!

Step 1: Fill it Up

Visit your local brewery or tap room and fill the KROWLER with your favourite craft beer

Step 2: Pressurise and Purge

Pressurise the KROWLER with CO2 and pull the purge valve to purge out oxygen for longer lasting beers

Step 3: Pour and Enjoy

Grab a pint and pour yourself / friends a drink. Enjoy!


Keep Beverages Fresh

Keep any beverages that are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen protected. For example, beers kept pressurised in KROWLER can last up to two weeks compared to just hours to a day at most in normal growlers.

  • Craft Beers
  • Champagne
  • Wine
  • Fruit Juice

Force Carbonate

Keep fizzy drinks carbonated longer or force carbonate to create your own fizzy drinks!

  • Cocktails (e.g. Whiskey Highball)
  • White Wine
  • Sodas (e.g. Homemade Root Beer)
  • Sparkling Water

Brew you own

Use KROWLER as a safe brewing vessel. It is insulated to keep a steady temperature and the safety valve allows for safe burping of excessive gas produced during fermentation.

  • Homebrewed Craft Beer
  • Kombucha
  • Ginger Beer
  • Root Beer
Say No More!

If you are a Beer Geek, we shouldn't need to convince you!

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Firstly, why do you need a growler?

You may be thinking, I can get beers in bottles, cans & even crowlers - why do I need my own growler?

  • Growlers are reusable - save the Earth! Stop throwing away cans and bottles. Recycling is not zero energy.
  • Not all great beers come in bottles or cans - tried an amazing beer at your neighbourhood tap room but can't find the same beer in cans or bottle? Bring it home in a growler!
  • Some beers taste better straight from the keg - bring the taproom experience home!
  • Support local breweries - more great craft breweries are popping up, support the community by sharing their awesome beers with your friends!

Next, Growlers are not perfect...

Beer (and many other beverages) are highly sensitive, it goes bad and lose carbonation as soon as it is exposed to sunlight and air (oxygen in particular).

Not only are growlers typically made of glass which lets in sunlight and breaks easily, once you take the cap off to pour yourself a pint, the rest of the contents goes flat within hours and bad within a day or two.

Enter KROWLER -  the revolutionary Keg-Growler

We sweat over the details so you don't have to experience flat or off tasting beers ever again!

  • Insulated to keep your beers cold - bring refreshing beers anywhere without the hassle of lugging leaky ice boxes
  • CO2 Pressurised to keep beers fresh tasting and carbonated - say no more to flat skunky beers
  • Equipped with a professional bar tap - take the tap room experience with you anywhere

Fill your KROWLER at any tap room or local micro brewery

Most tap rooms or breweries should accept your KROWLER if you present it clean and point out the fill line.

We  r e a l l y  love craft beers and we would like to share that experience with you. We have compiled a list of great Tap Rooms and Breweries that you should visit and support!